Top retail marketing trends for your global retail business

Five marketing tactics to help retailers connect and convert new customers

Consumers now have more control than ever over how, when and where they purchase from a business. For retailers and their marketing teams, that presents something of a challenge: to keep on delivering memorable customer experiences at every single touchpoint, and ensure customers return again and again.

Let’s explore some new and emerging retail marketing tactics that can help your business achieve that in the months ahead.

1 Omnichannel marketing

This is a multi-channel approach that allows retailers to align their messaging, goals and objectives across every channel and device, and create a consistent customer experience. It also provides customers with a deeper level of personalisation, no matter which channel they’re using, or where they are in their purchase journey.1

To build your omnichannel marketing campaign, you’ll need to work closely with stakeholders from across your product marketing, sales, and customer support teams — and ensure everyone is clear and aligned with your campaign goals. You should also involve these departments right from the initial planning stage to ensure the final customer experience is smooth and seamless over multiple platforms.

Although their theme parks remain closed due to the pandemic, Disney’s omnichannel experience is a great example. When booking their trip, visitors can usually plan their itinerary via the My Disney Experience tool which they access via the website or app. There’s also the MagicBand — which works as a hotel room key and photo storage device, and enhances the overall omnichannel user experience.

Cosmetics retailer, Sephora, is another brand that’s using omnichannel marketing to deliver a rich and seamless customer experience. They allow shoppers to open a ‘Beauty Bag’ account which offers benefits like free beauty workshops and makeovers. Users can also access it via in-store tablets to look up item details and try on products virtually using digital software. They can then add products to their wishlist and purchase items as they go, via the app.2

2 Shopping campaigns

Many retailers use Shopping campaigns to promote their online and physical stores to potential customers searching online for the products they offer. You can also feature specific product information, photos and prices in your ads, which helps capture more qualified shoppers who are likely to convert. When setting up your Shopping campaign be sure to organise it based on your best-selling products, and ensure your ad images are good quality and search engine friendly. Where possible, try to include any product promotions you’re currently offering, along with your best product reviews.1 Checkout this guide about Google Shopping Campaigns.

3 Social media promotions

You may already be using social media to stay in touch with customers, promote new products and events, and deal with shopper queries. If so, try running ads to get your products or services in front of even more potential customers. All the major social media platforms make it easy to set up a campaign, and you can also focus on connecting with specific audiences based on their passions or interests. You may even be able to narrow your audience further by connecting with the friends of people who already liked your page.1

4 Email campaigns

With around 400 million active Outlook users1 and 1.5 billion Gmail accounts,2 email marketing campaigns can be a powerful and cost-effective way to reach new customers. Bear in mind your recipients are likely to receive emails from other brands or businesses, so make sure your communications are timely, relevant and creative enough to grab attention while still being based around people’s personal interests and preferences. You may also be able to select certain geographic areas, so you can focus on customers local to you or even overseas.3 Bear in mind too, that 53% of emails are now opened on mobile devices,4 so ensure your emails are designed to be easily legible on smaller screens.

5 Remarketing strategies

As a retailer, you’ll know it’s easier and more profitable to generate sales from previous customers. In fact, almost a third (32%) of customers order again from the same company within their first year of being a customer.1

Your challenge is to find new and relevant ways to remind shoppers that your business is there for them — and a good way to do that is through creating seasonal ad campaigns. For example, it could be during the summer sales, Black Friday or, if appropriate to your offering, the back to school period. As well as developing engaging and seasonally-relevant creative content for your website, ads, social media, etc., you’ll need to make sure you plan each campaign far in advance so you’re ready to capture demand as soon as shoppers are ready to buy.

Key to the success of your retail operation will be delivering memorable experiences that customers love and keep coming back to. Consider how the five approaches outline above could work for your business, and find more insights and data for retailers over on the Market Finder tool.