Vaya Life enjoys a 30% global increase in lunch box sales

How this creator of premium lunch boxes worked with Google to expand its international reach


  • To increase brand awareness
  • To increase sales


  • Created a blueprint for entry into each new global market
  • Deployed appropriate Google products to reach objectives


  • 30% sales increase in global market
  • Direct sales now contribute 45% of Vaya Life’s overall sales
  • 4.5% improvement in click-through rate in markets such as Malaysia & Hong Kong

Vashist Vasanthakumar founded Vaya Life to revolutionise everyday products, such as lunch boxes, through world-class design and high-end engineering. Though he launched in India, his premium lunch box designs soon began to sell in countries including USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and Australia. Vaya Life’s target market are professionals, aged 25-54. In August 2016, to expand its international reach further, the company turned to Google to help them increase both brand awareness, and sales.

Vaya Life’s aim was to build awareness and drive searches for its product-related keywords, and to take advantage of Google's reach in its target markets. The Google support team provided Vaya Life with a blueprint for each country: industry data, competition, suitable Google channels for branding and sales, best approach, and complete plans for 3/6/9 months. Vaya Life launched in these markets and reached its audiences via Smart Display Campaigns, Shopping Ads and YouTube.

Vaya Life increased sales by 30% in the global market, while direct sales increased by 45% of overall sales. Markets such as Malaysia had a more than 4.5% increase in click-through rate. Nowadays, 90% of Vaya Life’s budget goes to digital marketing; split evenly between India and the company’s global markets.

Vaya Life continuously explores entry into new markets. The company focuses on increasing the efficiency of its Google spend to improve return on investment. It also plans to use Google to help them expand in the UK, and other European markets. New products including drinkware are in the pipeline.

Google products used Google Search Google Shopping Google Display Network YouTube

“Google provides a good insight into newer markets in terms of consumer engagement in the category, which has helped us in our market entry. Within the market, Google is a good partner to ride with to create visibility and subsequent acquisition.” Vashist Vasanthakumar, founder and CEO, Vaya Life