takes luxury shopping global with Google Ads

How the luxury retailer won over 190 international markets with help from Google tools


  • To take online
  • Communicate the luxury shopping experience to global customers
  • Expand into international markets


  • Used Consumer Barometer to help plan international expansion
  • Tailored Google Ads campaigns to individual countries and cities
  • Used Product Listing Ads to convey luxury experience of site
  • Optimised campaigns with Google Analytics


  • Successfully took business global
  • Now operates in 190 markets worldwide
  • 70% of business from outside the UK

Designer clothes and accessories retailer offers a luxury shopping experience, featuring items from more than 400 designers from Gucci to Valentino. After operating purely as an offline business for 20 years, the company expanded to 190 markets globally using Google Ads and Consumer Barometer.

With more than 25 years of experience in luxury fashion, operates online, through its London stores and private shopping townhouse, as well as at international events. “ is a luxury experience for a really fashion literate customer,” explains Ruth Chapman, Joint Founder and CEO of

Starting out from a successful brick-and-mortar shop in Wimbledon, had been in business for 20 years before it decided to expand the reach globally by taking the business online. Finding the right international audience for its very high-end offering was crucial, so turned to Google to help the company pinpoint the right markets to target.

First the company used Google’s free tools, including Consumer Barometer, to run analysis that helped in prioritising markets to run customised Google Ads campaigns in. Then, once it had found the right locations and audiences to target, Product Listing Ads enabled to effectively convey the quality of the luxury items available through its site.

Product Listing Ads have proved particularly successful, with placing high-definition images of items alongside the brand and message helping to turn those just ‘product-viewing’ visitors into paying customers.

Adapting campaigns on a country-by-country basis has also played a key role in the performance, and all campaigns are optimised with the help of Google Analytics. Ulric Jerome, Partner and COO, explains: “Google Analytics is in everyday use. We are looking at the behaviour of our customers, which device they use to connect, which country they connect from, so it’s a day-to-day measurement tool for our business operators.”

He adds: “Every country has its own digital approach, and the only way you can be successful is by making sure you adapt your digital strategy for the countries that you really want to focus on. First starting to understand the trends, then working through the Google Ads platform so we get the right exposure in the right country, even up to the right cities.”

The success of this strategy quickly became apparent with a rapid increase in international sales following its introduction. In fact, now serves customers in 190 markets via its site and the company’s majority of business comes from abroad. Ulric says: “Our business today is very much international. We do more than 70% of our business outside of the UK.”

Chapman succinctly sums up their online success story: “We are available in pretty much every country worldwide now: we ship to the smallest islands in the Pacific, we ship everywhere.”

“Google Analytics is in everyday use. We are looking at the behaviour of our customers, which device they use to connect, which country they connect from. Our business today is very much international.“ Ulric Jerome, Partner & COO,